Pink Bicycle, take two

Nobody likes to eat their words, but a recent meal at Pink Bicycle had me swallowing some of mine with a side of truffle fries.

It’s not that I ever questioned their food.  If you read my prior Review, you’ll find I counted their Mutton Burger as the best I’d had in the city.  My issue was with service.  Twice we’d been, and twice neglected – once to the point that we left to eat elsewhere.  No matter how good a burger is, bad service is a big turn-off for most diners and I am no exception.

A great burger is hard to find, however, and Pink Bicycle has a reputation for making some of the best in Victoria.  They are one of the few places to offer such a wide selection of types and toppings as well.  Months had passed and I’m not one to hold a grudge, so I ventured back in last weekend to give them another try.

We were greeted & seated promptly this time, by a smiling & helpful server.  He brought us menus and a bottle of water promptly, and was back in no time to take our orders.  I decided on the Blue Cheese Lamb this time, while my dining companion tried the Moroccan Veggie burger.  The food still took a bit of time, but their kitchen is both small and up a set of stairs, so we were content to wait.  When our plates arrived, they were as bontiful and tempting as I recalled.

My lamb was extremely juicy and succulent, and the seasoning was spot on although I can’t claim to have tasted the rosemary & apricot inside.  This could be attributed to the extremely generous amount of Blue Cheese on the patty.  I love cheese, and it’s a rare day that I’ll complain about too much!  Blue cheese is strong by nature though, and in such a bountiful quantity – it simply overpowered the lamb.  More’s the pity. I wished I had stuck with the Metchosin Mutton, whose rich meat is perfectly balanced by a sharp Gruyere.

My companion’s Moroccan Veggie was simply scrumptious, and lived up to the challenge on the menu: discover what it’s like to really love a Veggie burger.  No small feat when it’s up against such a spectacular variety of meat burgers!  The patty was a thick mixture of beautifully spiced garbanzo beans studded with dates and herbs.  My partner had ordered hers with the Goat Cheese, and it was the ideal creamy counterpart to the rich patty.  One bite had me salivating for more.

I also want to mention their fries.  So often a mere afterthought, Pink Bicycle’s potatoes are nearly as much of a star as their burgers.  Crisp, light, and thick with that earthy potato flavor, these are some of the best to be had.  You can top yours with truffle oil for a mere dollar more, pick one of 12 side dips, or go all out with the Pink Bike Poutine.  It features rosemary gravy, Island Pastures cheese curds, crispy shallots and the option of Smoked Bacon.

My burger choice today may not have been the best, but 3 out of 4 were exceptional – and few restaurants can rival those fries.  Now that they treat diners like valued clientele, Pink Bicycle is back on my list of great eats.

The Pink Bicycle

~ by Dee's Cheap Eats on October 22, 2010.

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